The Companion Relations Development Committee (CRDC) was formed to assist the Diocese of Belize in the development and care of relationships with our overseas companion dioceses, as well as individual parishes, organizations and individuals who wish to establish a relationship on both a short-term and long-term basis.

The CRDC builds and sustains these relationships by, among other ways, liaising and facilitating visits between our companion dioceses, and coordinating missioners from churches, organizations, and individuals which have informal relationships with the Diocese and specific parishes and/or missions.

A familiar question we ask incoming mission teams is: “How can we help you?”, for the Great Commission is given to all of us. Our churches and parishioners have tremendous skill and experience, and we, too, have fostered missions such as taking VBS to other Caribbean nations. The CRDC strives to find parish and mission links which provide opportunities for all of us to live out our Gospel call.

We welcome you to our Diocese and this beautiful jewel of a nation. We have much to offer, and there is much to do to spread the Good News!

If you would like further information or have questions, please feel free to contact us at: –or –