God is all about family, and baptism is a perfect example.  In baptism God adopts us into His family. In baptism we are assigned to Christ and tethered to Christ’s life through faith in His life and promise.  We belong to Jesus.  We share in His history, as He exchanged His righteousness for our sinfulness and then paid the full price.  We share in His future, as we look forward to His return, and to the resurrection to eternal life He promises all believers.   And we live in this reality, as part of God’s family here on Earth, entrusted with the family business.  Baptism is the beginning of our new life in Christ together, which will continue forever.

Baptism is nothing other than water connected to Christ’s promise used as He directed.  It is God’s work in us, and not merely a reflection of the faith He has already worked in us.  Since faith takes hold of the promises of God, parents who are baptized followers of Jesus are encouraged to bring their children to be baptized.   Parents promise to raise their child in a home centered on Christ, and teach their children to follow Jesus with them.  The church promises to support parents and children as we all follow Jesus together.  Adults typically receive in the basics of the faith before being baptized.

There is no more tangible and certain way to be connected to life in Jesus than through baptism.  If you are considering baptism, for yourself or your child, we would be honored to walk with you through the preparation and to schedule a time to share in that blessing with you.

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